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Safety Glass

Safety glass

Known as Safety Glass or Strengthened Glass. Glass which is treated or manufactured into a form that reduces the likelihood of cutting and piercing injury to a person by the glass should it be broken by human contact. To help avoid accidents, our South Auckland glaziers situated out of Takanini / Manurewa area can help you with Safety Glass. 
Here is a guide to understand where you may need to have extra strengthened glass 
-Hinged door panel that exceeds 0.5 square meters
-Sills that are below 500mm off the ground
-Splash backs
-Table tops that sit in a frame. 

Table top

Up to 700 wide = 5mm Up to 2000 wide = 6mm Up to 3000 wide = 8mm
If the glass will be sitting on a flat surface it will not need to be safety/strengthened glass.
If the glass will be sitting in a frame where it is edge supported only, this should be safety/strengthened glass. Edges Polished Edges give a smooth and straight finish to all mirrors and glass. It is recommended for any frameless mirror and glass.
We may be able to deliver any glass to your door if needed. Contact us for a free quote.
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