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House Glass

Trusted glaziers since 1929

Aluminium or Wooden frames? Doesn’t matter, we can replace either in an array of different types of glass in your home.
Obscure glass is clear to allow light into your home yet obscures the view so no one can see in or out.


The repair or replacement of glass because of breakage or renovation. Manukau and South Auckland, your house, farm or shop needs a glazier to look at it then we can help. Retail or commercial, we can repair and reglaze your glass with many different types of frames and glass. 


Wooden & Aluminium.

Glass types

*Clear Glass 
 -Comes in different thicknesses from 2mm – 19mm
*Tinted Glass
-Green glass 
-Bronze glass 
 -Grey glass 
 -Indo Grey (dark) glass
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*Obscure Glass 
 -Obscure glass is clear glass having a pattern impressed this allows light into your home yet obscures the view so no one can see in or out. Visit our showroom to see examples of the following obscure or patterned glass. 
 -Stippolite glass 
 -Etchlite glass 
 -Broadreeded glass 
 -Mistlite glass 
 -Wired glass 
 -Cotswold glass 
 -Flemish glass 
 -Arctic glass 
 -Cathedral glass 
 -Bronze & Grey Stippolite glass


Residential Mirrors
Households have fixed mirrors or mirrors in frames, these bathroom mirror, wardrobe mirror, wall length mirror or feature mirrors can be replaced by Sauvarins Glass South Auckland. We supply and install mirrors for bathrooms, kitchens, wardrobes, bedrooms, hallways, entrances, etc. Gym Mirrors
Retail shopping or health & fitness centres have mirrors in the changing and workout areas. We supply and install large safety mirrors for gyms, dance studios etc.
Polished Edges give a smooth and straight finish to all mirrors and glass. It is recommended for any frameless mirror and glass. Bevelled edges give off a more designer look. Contact us for a free quote.

Pet doors

Suits medium to semi-large dogs. Flap size: 295mm x 300mm. Slim profile fits hole size of 385mm diameter.
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Splash Back
We supply and install splash backs for kitchens, laundries etc.
We supply and install frameless shower screens. 

Try it yourself!

Watch how to reglaze a wooden frame window

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